Advice for Parents

Please find below, links to articles, webpages and videos which may be of interest when supporting your child’s online learning.

With thanks to Ashton Parents’ Association for their input and suggestions.

Time Managment

Establishing a good routine is important

Getting up, showered and dressed before 9

Working from a table or desk, not bed

Scheduling times for homework and study

Using the Homework Journal

Parentline is a national, confidential helpline that offers parents support, information and guidance on all aspects of being a parent and any parenting issues.

Supporting Young People

A short audio clip from Brendan, Jigsaw Clinician

A short article from Mental Health Ireland with some advice on self care and good routines

Get Active

Workout sessions, dance fitness or even walk the Camino!

Safer Online

Recommended websites with lots of advice and support with helping your child stay safe online