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Awards Day with Peter Foott Guest of Honour

L-R: Prize winners at Awards Day at Ashton 2017: Zach Lumley, Diarmuid O’Donoghue, Caoimhe Gannon, Kyle Meiklejohn, Catherine Kelly, Rachel Warren-Perry, Mark Sampson, Emma Wilkinson.

Chairman of the Board of Management at Ashton School, Mr. John Deane welcomed Bishop Paul Colton and  Mr. Pat McKelvey C.E.T.B. Co-Patrons of the School, Board of Management, invited guests including Guest Speaker Mr. Peter Foott, a past pupil of Ashton, parents and students to the Annual Awards Day.

Mr. Adrian Landen Principal outlined the year’s activities and achievements in all areas of the school curriculum, including extra-curricular, complementing the commitment and dedication of staff and students.  Assisted by Deputy Principal Ms. Anne Marie Hewison, Guest Speaker Peter Foott, Film Director and Producer of ‘The Young Offenders’ congratulated students and presented award winners with their prizes.  Mr. Foott outlined to students the importance of the ability to acknowledge  change in career direction positively, and being prepared for challenge in the world of film, and work in general.  He acknowledged the changes that have taken place in Ashton since he was been a student, with a completely new school building, and congratulated everyone involved in their endeavours.  In his interview with Ms. Burke English Teacher, he regaled the audience with the stories of ‘fun’ along with very long hours and hard work involved in all aspects of film-making, inspiring student listeners, and keeping everyone rapt with attention.

The Ashton School Hall of Fame Award was presented by Mr. John Deane to Mr. Peter Foott for his contribution to film production.

The evening concluded with Head Girl Emma Wilkinson and Head Boy Zach Lumley thanking everyone for their time and presence at this very special occasion in the school calendar.

The Des Deasy Memorial Trophy for Engineering was awarded to Ben Provan-Bessell.  The Hipwell Trophy for Business subjects was presented to Conor O’Malley.

The Pfizer Perpetual Trophy for Leaving Certificate Examination results were awarded to Diarmuid O’Donoghue.   The Rochelle Trophy for Junior Certificate Examination results was presented to Catherine Kelly.  First Year Merit Card prizes:  Fiona Corcoran, Daniel McCarthy, Maeve O’Halloran, Harry McDaid, Adam Delurey.  Corn Mhic Uistin awarded to Kyle Meiklejohn, and Caoimhe Gannon won the Corn an Amhairginigh.  The Cox Perpetual Trophy for European Languages was awarded to Caoimhe Gannon, and the Burke Trophy for Technical subjects was presented to Jay Anglin.


L-R:Mr. John O’Sullivan, Ms. Alison Flack, Mr. John Deane, Mr. Peter Foott, Mr. Adrian Landen, Rev. Wilkinson, Ms. Amanda Welch, Rev. Nigel Dunne.

Ashton School Players Award for Contribution to Performing Arts won by Mark Sampson.

The Shereen Gokul Memorial Trophy for Girl’s Hockey was presented to Roisin O’Dea,  and the Andrew Chambers Memorial Trophy for Boy’s Hockey was awarded to Darragh Bateman.

The Victor Bond Memorial Trophy for Ashton School Junior Citizenship Award was presented to Kyle Meiklejohn.  The Ashton School Trophy for Senior Citizenship Student of the year presented to Rachel Warren-Perry.