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Rededication of St. Andrew’s Chapel at Ashton

The Right Reverend Dr Paul Colton blesses St Andrew’s chapel which was rededicated on St Mark’s Day, 25th April, 2016

Ashton School, Blackrock Road, Cork enjoys the many benefits of having a Chapel within the school complex, which is used daily, and thoroughly enjoyed by all those who have the pleasure of spending quiet and prayerful time there.   Set in what was the original part of the school complex, it is pivotal to all functions occurring within the school, with school Chaplain Mr. Drew Ruttle, co-ordinating many of the daily functions and activities.

The School Chapel was Dedicated to the Glory of God on St. Andrew’s Day, 1988 by the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Right Reverend R. Warke. Mr. J. V. P Bond was Ashton Principal at the time. The Chaplain was the Reverend J. E. Fenning.

With the building of the new Ashton school, on Blackrock Road, under the stewardship of Principal Mr. Adrian Landen, and Deputy Principal, Ms. Anne Marie Hewison, St. Andrew’s Chapel was also refurbished in keeping with the Georgian period. Chaplain Drew Ruttle was adamant that the selection of new fittings and furnishings, would be sympathetic to the restored Chapel, and maintain its’ bright, prayerful aura. Students and staff were included in the consultative process. New altar furniture was bought thanks to a grant from the Church of Ireland Priorities’ Fund. A new piano, new glassware and linens were purchased. A cross and plaque mount was made from the wood taken from the old Communion table. Wall hangings were designed and made by students, each taking their place proudly on the walls of the Chapel.

At a specially convened Re-dedication service held on St. Mark’s Day at Ashton School, Mr. Ruttle welcomed Patron Bishop Paul Colton, students, staff, and guests to Assembly. He outlined the significance of a school having a Chapel, pointing out the positive impacts over the years, for many generations of Ashton students and staff.

Bishop Colton spoke to the student cohort, and issued an invitation to everyone, stating that ‘Everyone is welcome and included in St. Andrew’s Chapel’. He further encouraged its ‘continued use into the future’.

Following a solemn procession, Bishop Paul Colton, assisted by Chaplain Drew Ruttle, blessed St. Andrew’s Chapel, furniture, fittings, and those who use it. A proud day in the history of Ashton School.