Junior Cycle

‘Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organising our curiosity’ – Tim Minchin

Here at Ashton School, we encourage all our students, through the study of Science, to become more curious about the world around them, to ask questions that others haven’t already thought to ask and to seek answers through practical work and deeper thinking. Science explores the fundamentals of our universe from the smallest of atoms to the largest of planets.  The subject itself is divided into five strands: The Nature of Science, The Biological World, The Chemical World, The Physical World and Earth and Space. Students undertake experimental work to develop their practical and problem-solving skills. They learn to work as part of a group but also to take responsibility for their own learning. Students are challenged to design and carry out their own experiment as well as a research project.

Here our students give their thoughts on what they like about Science in Ashton School:

‘Science is one of my favourite subjects. Science is an incredibly fun subject as there is always more questions to ask and every chapter only scratches the surface of what you are doing. Science in Ashton also has the best teachers as they all run fun and interesting classes.’ – Senan Rutgers Kearns, 3rd Year.

‘I love Science, especially Biology-it is my favourite subject’ -Eoin Prendeville, 3rd Year.

‘In Science, you learn things you never would have known before’-Natalie Gilson, 3rd Year.