Junior Cycle

Studying English at Junior Cycle in Ashton allows students make a greater connection with learning by focusing on the quality of learning that takes place and by offering experiences that are engaging and enjoyable for them, and relevant to their lives.

Language gives students the opportunity to access the understanding, knowledge and skills to promote their personal growth and effective participation in society.

The study of English enables students to build on their learning in primary school and further develop their skills and enjoyment in using it effectively. Through language learning and use, students discover information, develop thinking, and express ideas and feelings.

Learning about language in texts, including digital texts, is important to social development and as part of this process students develop the competence and confidence needed to become an active citizen.

Students in Ashton are actively involved in the integrated skills of oral language, reading and writing and in discussing and comparing a wide variety of texts and forms of English. As study is a social activity as well as a personal one, students have opportunities to work in groups to achieve appropriate language goals.

Finally, as their mastery of language grows, so too will the opportunities to enjoy their world and give of their best to society now, and in the future. They will fully appreciate their success in language when pleasure and growth in it continue in their lives long after school is done