Mission Statement

Ashton School promotes personal achievement through a broad and balanced education. “The Best” is demanded of and expected for each student. Ashton School operates on the philosophy  that students perform best in an environment in which they feel valued. All  students are treated as individuals with unique strengths. The philosophy of  the school demands high standards of work, personal behaviour and respect of  self and of others. The  comprehensive range of subjects provide the opportunity, within the resources  available, for all students to achieve their potential within their range of  abilities. The motivation for excellence is fostered and the breadth of  curriculum provides opportunities to excel in many subject areas. The  conviction that a happy, well-adjusted, student is the student best prepared  and motivated to respond to the challenges and demands, not only of an academic  curriculum, but also of life itself, is underpinned by an established Personal  & Health Education Programme. Care has been taken to develop procedures and  guidelines to deal with discipline and sensitive areas which may affect some  students.  A  comprehensive extra-curricular programme of sport and other activities is  provided within the school. These develop the self-esteem of the many students  involved and generally promote positive attitudes both at individual and group  level.  Ashton School strives to create a caring, Christian, environment within which all  students can develop and fulfil their unique and diverse talents.


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