As a comprehensive school, Ashton offers all students a wide range of academic and practical subjects. On entering First Year all students sample all of the subjects available for the first term.  At the start of the second term a choice of subjects is made and these are taken until the Junior Certificate Examination at the end of Third Year. Transition Year after Third Year is optional but strongly recommended.  This is a year where personal development activities are encouraged in parallel with continuing academic work. Fifth and Sixth Years are preparatory years for the Leaving Certificate Examination.  University and other third level places are offered on a points system based on Leaving Certificate results.

Junior Certificate

Core Subjects:  English, Irish, French, Mathematics, Geography, History, CSPE, PE, PSE, RE

Option Subjects:  Art, Business Studies, Home Economics, German, Metalwork, Science, Technical Graphics and Woodwork.

Music is offered as an extra-curricular (after school) subjects.

The Junior Certificate examination is taken after three years.

Transition Year

The Transition Year programme varies significantly from year to year. See the Transition Year page for more details.

The Transition Year programme is one year long.

Leaving Certificate

Core Subjects:  English, Irish, Mathematics, PE, PSE, RE, Guidance

Option Subjects:  Accounting, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Construction Studies, Economics, Engineering, French, Geography, German, History, Home Economics, LCVP, Physics, Spanish, and Technical Drawing.

The Leaving Certificate examination is taken after a further two years