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Prize Day Awards Ceremony

The highlight of our awards ceremony on 27th September 2019 was the tribute paid to past pupil Mary Elmes who was awarded the Ashton School Hall of Fame Award 2019.  Guest speaker journalist and author Clodagh Finn helped students to visualise school days for Mary Elmes in Rochelle School and also spoke of her academic achievements at school and at university. She went on to describe Mary’s humanitarian work in Spain and France during the Spanish Civil War and World War II where Mary and her colleagues saved more than 400 child from death in concentration camps. 

Two of the survivors saved by Mary Elmes, Charlotte Berger-Greneche and George Koltein, attended the ceremony and were present when Mary Elmes was inducted into the Ashton School Hall of Fame posthumously.  Charlotte Berger-Greneche then spoke to the assembly.

Her speech and personal response was so moving that she received a spontaneous standing ovation as she left the stage. Students are not likely to forget the event which will endure in the memory for a long time.

The new Mary Elmes Bridge was officially opened in Cork on the same day.

During the Prize Day ceremony the Principal Adrian Landen reported on the highlight and activities of the school year.  Students were then awarded prizes for the full range of academic achievements.  Among those who received prizes was Storm Kearney pictured receiving a cup for Irish Language and Martin Ho who received a prize for his outstanding Leaving Certificate results and the further honour of becoming Senior Student of the Year 2019.

History of Ashton School, Rochelle School, Cork Grammar School and Cork High School

A History of Ashton School (St Leger, 2016), an impressive hardback pbuynowublication compiled over decades, is the work of author Dr Alicia St Leger.  Alicia is a past-pupil who began her second-level education in Rochelle School.  There was no limit to her dedication to accurately record the history of the school and the other schools which came together when Ashton was formed – Rochelle School and Cork Grammar School. Alicia is always careful to point out that Cork Grammar School was also an amalgamation of two schools when it joined with Cork High School.

The book with its many illustrations (from the school archive and beyond) makes very interesting reading for anyone with a connection with the school.

Welcome from the Principal

adrianlandenWelcome to the Ashton School website.  Please feel free to visit the site to find our more about our ethos, mission, traditions, history, students achievements and latest news.

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