Junior Cycle

Marie (3rd Year) Before I came in to 1st yr, I decided to do French as I had done a little in primary school and always liked the sound of the language. We also like to go to France on our holidays and I knew that French is spoken in lots of other countries around the world.

When we started our classes, I noticed how similar the words are to English. This helped my vocab and made the experience much easier. Pronunciation can be tricky but I practised a lot at home and my teacher always helped.

I really enjoyed speaking in class. It was fun repeating and singing French phrases. When it came to preparing for our CBAs in 2nd and 3rd yr, we used lots of technology. I was able to record myself on my phone speaking in French and also worked with a classmate to create a French dialogue. Our class used Microsoft Teams in 2nd and 3rd year to keep alot of our French work together.

I also really liked getting the chance to watch a French film (Les Choristes) in class and have a French breakfast. The croissants were delicieux!

It was fun to hear other classmates share their work and it helped me improve my French. When it came to preparing for our final French exam, we used our sample exam papers which include a cd and have online resources.