Graphics is one of the three technology subjects that are available for students to study in Ashton. It is recognised as the underpinning language of the technology disciplines and is transferable across a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, science and art. Throughout the course, students will explore the geometric world to gain an appreciation of the importance of graphics in the world around them.

Students will develop cognitive and practical skills such as graphical communication, spatial visualisation, creative problem-solving, design capabilities and modelling. These skills will be progressed further as they investigate and solve design challenges. During the problem-solving process, they will work with their peers to refine their ideas from an abstract concept to a final, detailed, drafted design.

The study of Graphics at junior cycle develops the underlying language of the technology subjects and enhances the learning for a student who wishes to continue their studies in the suite of technology subjects for the Leaving Certificate. More specifically, the subject Graphics has a strong relationship with the Leaving Certificate subject, Design and Communication Graphics.

Graphics provides students with the opportunity to learn skills which are applicable in a wide range of careers such as: Architecture, Graphic design, Fashion design, Furniture design, Engineering, 3D animator and lots more.