Junior Cycle
Home Economics

The key focus of Home Economics as a subject, is for students to cultivate a knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills to achieve healthy and sustainable living, for individuals, families and society.

There are three keys strands in the subject all of which are interlinked.

(i) Food Studies & Culinary Skills; this is where students develop a skill set that allows them to make informed decisions relating to their health, diet and lifestyle. During the course of the programme a range of skills are acquired which enables them to prepare a wide range of dishes to meet their needs.

(ii) Responsible Family Living; encompasses students to become well informed and competent consumers.

(iii) Textiles and Crafts; students develop an appreciation for resourceful creativity and textile skills and the well being benefits of craft-making.

 Assessment arrangements

C.B.A. 1  Textile Craft                                              C.B.A. 2  Food Investigation

Practical cookery exam  50%                                  Written Paper  50%

Student’s Comments

“definitely one of my favourite subjects, it taught me basic life skills and that it wasn’t all learning from a book.”

“you could learn at your own pace and as a subject it allowed you to experiment, ie. changing recipes to suit your own likes and needs.”

“I could be creative or use my own original designs in craft making.”

“Cross stitching made me feel relaxed, I really enjoyed it”

” I enjoyed working as part of a team in cookery, especially the day we did Halloween baking”