Visual Art - Junior Cycle

It is a very exciting time to be studying Art as the subject is continuing to change in exciting ways. Art can be enjoyed by everybody and students are encouraged to develop their self-confidence, imagination as well as skills in looking and thinking about the world around us and responding to important contemporary issues.

A wide variety of disciplines including painting, drawing, collage, graphic and pattern design, printmaking and sculpture are covered. Skills in composition, proportion, shading techniques and colour theory are also explored.

  • ‘Art has been a great experience. I wouldn’t want to change it for any other subject. The sense of community in the class is amazing. I always enjoy hearing other people’s opinions on the art we look at and create’. Freya Henderson 3rd yr
  • ‘Art in Ashton School has really helped me develop my skills as an artist. I’ve been able to experiment with all types of materials and use new techniques to create art’ – Roisin Quirke3rd yr
  • ‘Art in Ashton is amazing and wonderful. I can explore and experiment with different materials and textures, and create something new and be creative’. 3rdyr Libbi Black

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