What it is like to be a Wood Technology student in Ashton?

Wood Technology is a fun practical subject which means it is quite different from a lot of the other subjects and that is nice as it gives a break from reading books all day.

The facilities for Wood Technology in Ashton are brilliant. We all have our own tools, chisels, saws, rulers etc, which we use in each class. Ashton also has a range of machines, Bandsaw, pillar drills, wood turning lathes, sanders to name but a few. There is a machine for almost every need and this is very handy when working on bigger projects.

Every year we work on multiple projects, for example last year we made a table, a toy truck a clock and a birdhouse. They are just some examples of the many projects we do every year.

The Theory is good too as you learn a lot of interesting facts! Everything from how planks are sawn from logs, to which paint or finish should be used for a particular job.

-Eoin Bertwistle 3rd Year Student Ashton

Have you got a flare for creativity and design? Does problem solving appeal to you? Do you enjoy working with your hands?

If the answers are yes, then Wood Technology may be the subject for YOU.

What is covered in the Wood Technology Course?

The process of designing, sketching, drawing and a wide range of hand craft skills and techniques. The sustainable use of materials e.g. wood, plastic, metals etc..

Use of hand held power tools and Machines.

Theory topics include:

The timber industry

Growth and structure of trees

Conservation of our forests

Health and safety

Machine and tool use

Project Design

What is the nature of the subject? Is there practical work or projects involved?

The subject is very much ‘hands on’ design and make. Students complete a range of projects over their three years of study. As they progress the onus for the design of each project becomes more and more the responsibility of the individual, leading to each student taking real ownership of the work they produce.

Is there much homework?

A textbook is studied and questions are set as part of student’s homework. Research for design tasks also takes place outside of the classroom.

Is Wood Technology a Leaving Certificate Subject?

Yes, it becomes Construction Studies.

What careers do Wood Technology/ Construction Studies lead to?

Design and manufacture in industry, architecture, property development and maintenance, civil and structural engineering, Carpentry and joinery.