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Lord Mayor Cllr. Des Cahill visits Ashton


Mr. Landen, Head Girl Annie Walshe, Head Boy P.J. Meaney, Lord Mayor Cllr. Des Cahill.

Lord Mayor’s message of ‘POSITIVITY’, and not being afraid ‘to ask for help’.

Lord Mayor Cllr. Des Cahill visited Ashton School recently, and was greeted at Assembly by Principal Mr. Landen, accompanied by Deputy Principal Ms. Hewison, along with Head Girl Annie Walshe, and Head Boy P. J. Meaney, students and staff.

Lord Mayor Cahill encouraged ‘positivity’ for everyone by stating that in Cork we see the ‘glass half-full’ always.  He suggested the use of a ‘Positivity Box’, where people would write down something that made them feel positive each day, and insert into the box, to be retrieved and read in a shared setting, generating positive feelings for everyone involved.  A ‘Positivity Box’ was presented by the Lord Mayor to Mr. Landen as a gift to the school, which is most appreciated.

This was a timely message at a time of great change in the world generally, and in particular in a school setting, where Pre-examinations are just about to begin for students participating in state examinations.

He also suggested to students that based on his own personal experience of losing a business and then proceeding to take up a position of Lord Mayor within a year, people ‘should never be ashamed to fail’.  Even more importantly he stated ‘Do not be afraid to ask for help and advice as a student’.

What impressive messages for young people to take away at a personal level.

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