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Students present cheque to Andrew Coleman of Christian Aid recently


L-R: Andrew Coleman of Christian Aid, David Coughlan, Caoimhe Neff, Ciara Donnelly and Chaplain Drew Ruttle at a recent cheque presentation.





First Year students  Fiona Corcoran, and Katarina Sesaldo eloquently  introduced Christian Aid to Assembly recently, with the clearest of diction, creating awareness of the wonderful work of the Justice Committee in Ashton, co-ordinated by Mr. Ruttle.  They further explained that substantial funds were raised during the year which would be presented to the nominated charities, one of which was Christian Aid.

A cheque was then presented to Andrew Coleman of Christian Aid, who accepted it with grateful appreciation on behalf of the organisation.

This was the proceeds of fundraising activities co-ordinated by the Justice Committee, during Action Week, held in October 2016.
Mr. Coleman spoke about the importance of student partnership with programmes worldwide, especially in Haiti and in other developing countries, and acknowledged the excellent and ongoing work of students at Ashton.


Principal Mr. Landen supports students presenting cheque to Andrew Coleman of Christian Aid.





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