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Transition Year Awards Night at Ashton


L-R: Principal Mr. Landen, T.Y. Co-Ordinator Ms. Ryan, T.Y. Year Head Mr. Floyd, T.Y. Student of the Year Róisín O’Dea, Guest Speaker Ms. Karen O’Sullivan Down Syndrome – Cork Branch.

Transition Year students at Ashton School, Blackrock Road, Cork keenly anticipate this particular awards night, at the end of a very busy year.  Parents come to view and appreciate the work students have completed with great detail, imagination, and creativity.

T.Y. Co-Ordinator Ms. Ryan welcomed everyone and used the ‘journey’ motif to impress on the audience the relevance of the Transition Year experience to the rest of their lives.  Commitment to various modules is very important for further study in 5th Year, resilience is significant in 6th year, decision-making throughout the year helps in all aspects of life. Ms. Ryan outlined the myriad of exciting activities and events students participated in.  From participating in a ‘getting-to-know-each other better’ trip to Connemara, with all it’s challenges, to work experience, or Community Action, Gaisce Awards, Exchange programmes,  Home Economics, film-production, charitable work, travelling for 15 hours to get to Kolkatta in India, which was deemed by the students to be ’emotional, challenging, eye-opening’,  simulated driving, learning the Chinese language, deportment, mini-company, Teen Day, sexual health, the INTEL Ambassador programme in relation to  internet safety, gardening.  Others gained certificates in Asthma care from the Irish Asthma association, the list is endless.  One student travelled to Shanghai, sponsored by the Confuscius Institute in U.C.C., and studied Chinese language, business, and visited culturally significant sights.  What marvellous opportunities. Guest of Honour was Ms. Karen O’Sullivan, Co-Ordinator of Services Down Syndrome Cork Branch, praised the vision of Transition Year.  Her message was warmly appreciated by everyone present.   She explained that Down Syndrome Cork is a parent-run organisation, which relies heavily on fundraising activities and parental support to provide services so badly needed, especially speech therapy, on a daily basis, by those who attend at Down Syndrome Cork.  She said it ‘is immense to be able to support others’ in any context, providing dignity and care to those around us.  Ms. O’Sullivan suggested to Transition Year students and those present (in reference to John F. Kennedy’s immortal words), that we do not ask what others might do for us, but what we might do for others. A positive and significant message to ponder into the future, in terms of our care for our fellow-man/woman. She concluded with a most uplifting message for young people, ‘Enjoy your life, it is a wonderful opportunity’. Mr. Landen Principal, assisted by Deputy Principal Ms. Hewison, Class Teachers, Ms. Stoutt, Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Cunningham,  presented certificates of completion to all TY students. Year Head Mr.  Floyd announced the Transition Year Student of the Year award to a hushed audience, describing the recipient as always having a winning smile, providing solutions rather than problems in situations, and was always quick to volunteer to help others.  He stated she always brought creativity, enthusiasm, and a reflective personality to tasks set her, and presented the award to Róisín O’Dea.  This announcement was greeted with sustained warm applause.  We salute and congratulate her heartily. Caption:  L-R:    Mr. Adrian Landen Principal, Ms. Mags Ryan T.Y. Co-Ordinator, Mr. Anton Floyd T.Y. Year Head, Róisín O’Dea TY Student of the Year, Ms. Karen O’Sullivan Down Syndrome Cork Branch.