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Action Week 2017

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Ashton Justice Group

Action Week 2017

22– 24 November

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Ashton Justice Group is made up of student volunteers who meet weekly to actively raise awareness for social justice issues that affect people locally, nationally and internationally.   One way in which we help to promote equality and justice is by organising Action Week each year.  Over the years, Action Week has raised tens of thousands of Euro for very worthy causes.  We are proud of the charity and fund-raising work that is done in Ashton each year.  The main fund-raising events that occur during the school year are the Sponsored Walk and Action Week.

Action Week 2017 will run from Wednesday, 22nd to Friday, 24th November.

A variety of in-class and group activities will take place across these three days.

The Justice Group, made up of like-minded students and teachers, have formed a special committee of volunteers to spearhead the programme.

There will be displays marking Awareness Week against LGBT Bullying and Remembrance and Peace.

There will be a non-uniform day on Friday 24th.

Each class is being asked to run other events to raise money.


Charities Supported

The organising committee has felt the weight of making a choice amongst the pressing needs in the world today and have chosen the following charities:

UNICEF (Rohingya Crisis appeal)       CMRF – Crumlin Children’s Hospital

COPE Foundation                 ‘Sponsor a Giant’ (Centenary Remembrance Tree)

Cork ‘Rebel Wheelers’ (Wheelchair Basketball club)


Our fund-raising efforts over the years have been greatly appreciated by the recipients of our cheques and the positive effects have been far-reaching.

Please support your sons and daughters with encouragement in their efforts to reach out to others.

With Thanks,

Drew Ruttle, Action Week Coordinator