Adult Education Programme – UPDATE


JUNE 10th 2021

We look forward to welcoming you to a new Adult Education programme in September 2021 !

All classes will take place in the school, whilst following the latest HSE Guidelines and Public Health advice.

Please re-visit us at the end of June for further details.


Welcome to our list of Autumn courses.

Due to the exceptional circumstances the programme this term is limited but we hope that you can find a course of interest. We are very appreciative of the effort our tutors are making to offer courses. We are also very grateful to the community for the support we have received in Adult Education over a long number of years.

The full list of our courses are now available in our newly published online brochure. We have adapted due to the uncertainty we faced as we awaited instructions and advice from the appropriate authorities. However, we are still happy to post out a copy of our brochure or send it by email at your request (

Classes will take place in the school on Monday nights only. We will also provide online classes using Zoom on various other nights.

If you have availed of our courses previously we would be most appreciative of any publicity you can give us on any form of social media or elsewhere.

It is very important for us to assure those who enrol that we are following all protocols and procedures as advised by NPHET and the Government. Classes will be reduced in size. You will find more details under Covid Guidelines above.

We hope that you enjoy your course and it is our intention to relaunch, rebuild and restore our full programme as soon as it possible and hopefully for Spring 2021.

Thank you for your patience as we make plans to re-open safely.

John O’Sullivan
Director of Adult Education