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Election of Parent Nominee to Board of Management

Dear Parents,

In accordance with the Terms of Reference for Ashton School two parents serve on the Board of Management: one male parent and one female parent. A vacancy has recently arisen for a female parent because Stephanie Coughlan who has filled the role of parent nominee on the Board since 2015 has resigned. The school wishes to express its sincere thanks to Ms Coughlan for her work as Board member. 

Each parent of a child currently at the school is entitled to nominate a fellow parent for the election. The period of office is the remainder of the five-year term of the Board (ending November 2021). With this in mind I am writing to invite you to make nominations for the election.

Nominations should be on the form provided which should be completed in full and countersigned by the person you are nominating as an indication of her willingness to serve. All nominations should be returned to the school office no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, 20th September 2019.

A ballot paper will be sent to all parents. In the event that only one candidate is nominated, the candidate will be deemed to be elected.

Vacancies in the remainder of the five-year term of the Board will be filled by the sequence of candidates polling at this election.

Any enquiries concerning this process may be addressed to the Secretary of the Board of Management (Mr A. Landen, Principal) at the School Office.

Please note that in this letter the meaning of parent is the meaning given in the Education Act, 1998, which is as follows:

‘‘parent’’ includes a foster parent, a guardian appointed under the Guardianship of Children Acts, 1964 to 1997, or other person acting in loco parentis who has a child in his or her care subject to any statutory power or order of a court and, in the case of a child who has been adopted under the Adoption Acts, 1952 to 1998, or, where the child has been adopted outside the State, means the adopter or adopters or the surviving adopter;

Yours sincerely,

Mr John Deane
Chairperson, Board of Management