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May 2013 A 30-year reunion of the class of 83/84 will be held on Saturday August 10th at 8.00 p.m. in Rochestown Park Hotel.  More details on Facebook. Ashton School Class 83

March 2010 The Class of 1978 has set up a group on Facebook (Ashton Class of 1978 – Facebook Link) and invites all classmates to join the group, add photos, and reconnect with old friends.

February 2009 Andrea   Barnett (nee Underwood) attended Rochelle and later Ashton until 1975.  Andrea is keen to catch up with anyone from the group. She is  living in Sydney, Australia, and loving it. She emigrated in 1981 to Brisbane.

November 2008 Tiernan Humphrys would like   to hear from anyone who left in 1992, especially those who boarded in   Rochelle.

September 2008 Deirdre van Tilborg (Wijnstekers) left Ashton in 1984 and is wondering if there are any others interested in reuniting. She visits Ireland regularly.

Older messages Murray Curran, presently in   Australia suggests that a 20 year reunion for the class of 86 would be great and   suggests around Christmas. Any volunteers to organise this event??
Rita   O’Leary-Beckom would like to make contact with Robert Averies.
Leena   Thavisin (First year 1994-95) and now in Australia would like to make contact   with Jesse Winchester, Billie Browne & Cathleen Canavan – contact the school   for her e-mail address.
Bernard McCarthy who left in 1995 is keen to make   contact with any of his classmates – contact the school for his e-mail   address

Terence Loane   (in Ashton from 1978-1980 and now living in Belfast) has released his first   feature film “Mickybo & Me” – congratulations to Terry who both wrote &   directed the film. Rachel Kinney (now Wheeler and living in Florida) is   asking if there are any plans for a reunion for the class of ’85 and John Lehane   (still in Ireland) is suggesting a 20 year reunion for the class of ’86 – any   interest and offers to become involved in helping with the organisation?  Lists   of names are available.           I

f you are a past pupil, please e-mail in your   comments on how you would like to see the page develop.

To date, messages have been   received from (and dates are those of leaving Ashton)
Thomas Atkinson – 1984   (London) asking about Florence Hurley & Penny Markham
Thomas Whelton   -1984 (Cork) asking about PeterKaak
Michael Adair – 1990 (Austin, Texas)    asking about his Rochelle friends
Joshua Adair – 1990 also asking about his   Rochelle friends
Ciaran Byrne – 1990 (UK) asking about a past pupils web link   to the school
Nicole Walker – 1990 (Florida) asking about Joy Teo
Rachel   Kinney (Wheeler) – 1985 (US) – was put in touch with Audrey Clancy

Rochelle past pupils are   obviously also keeping in touch with each other and the following have been in   contact:
Ashley Johnston – 1981,
Muirgheal Kinney – 1983,
Colin Johnston –   1985,
Matthew Penn – 1985,
Mark Owen – 1987,
John Crossan – 1987,
Conrad   Martin – 1987,
Stephen Kenny – 1989,
Boris (Chris) Kollek – 1985
Aoife Moran   – 1992 – now in Italy – would like to get in touch with Grainne   Canavan

We have e-mail addresses for all of these – send an e-mail to if you want to be put in touch or   if you have ideas on how the page might expand. Other places to look are (an Irish site) or (a UK   site), these are sites to keep school friends in touch with each   other.

Looking forward to hearing from   you, or even better if you want to sponsor the page now that you are rich &   famous!!!!

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