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Adult Education creating educational opportunities for everyone


Colourful artwork displaying expert artistic skills and imagination.


Delicate stitching on fine lace, each piece with its own individual ‘story’. History and skill being passed on from generation to generation.


Artwork in water and oils displays the work of the imagination and the influences of nature.


Spanish language learning is always a ‘winner’ especially in deep winter when we dream of the sunnier parts of the world.




Adult Education  has a long and proud tradition of education based in Ashton School, over many years, co-ordinated by Mr. John O’Sullivan, Adult Education Officer.   The list of classes includes so many exciting, challenging and creative opportunities, it is not surprising the classes ‘fill’ so easily come the early days of Autumn.    Enrolment is both at the Adult Education Office based in Ashton, and online on the designated and well publicised dates and times, supported by Administrator Mrs. McSweeney.

A Glimpse of Old Cork is just one example of a most interesting course.

There is the Alexander Technique to help a person become more fit and healthy.

Tai-Chi, Novelty Cakes, Oral Irish, Pilates, Spanish, Ukelele. Yoga, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness, Zumba workout.


There are also courses on Computers, Lacemaking, Painting in water colour and oils,

Archaeology, Badminton, Cake decoration, Couch to 5km, Fitsteps, French, Furniture restoration and polishing.

Picture book illustration is another example of a magnificent opportunity to learn a most specific skillset.  Psychology for life, Speak with confidence along with Tennis, Golf and Horse-riding at Hop Island for beginners.

Astronomy. Basic Bicycle maintenance, DIY for women, Dressmaking, Find your inner voice, Guitar, Mindfulness, Stockmarket Explored.

What an amazing list of learning opportunities, proving the old adage that ‘Learning is for life’.   Give it a go!