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Ashton Notes – September 2018

There was great excitement when the Leaving Certificate results were received at the school by the class of 2018. Mr. Landen extended his heartiest congratulations to all members of the year on their performances which were in many instances across the subject range. Special congratulations go to William Ronayne who scored the maximum score of 625 points as well as to Ewan Lynch, Roisin O’Dea, Benjamin Provan-Bessell who all scored more than 600 points. These are the just rewards for their hard work, supported, of course, by their dedicated teachers and patient parents! Everyone in Ashton wishes the very best for the departing class of 2018.

The Leaving Cert. Debs Night was held on Sept. 7th at Rochestown Park Hotel, and as always, teaching staff who attend, do not recognise the students they had in their classrooms only 3 months ago such is the transformation! Girls in uniform become glamourous debutantes! And boys morph into Gentlemen! All are resplendent in colourful gowns and suits for the occasion. The night marks an ending and a beginning a process begun at the end of the last summer term when Mr Landen and Year Head, Mr Floyd, addressed students, members of the board of management, staff, parents and guardians wishing the cohort every success for the future. It was a happy occasion of readings, music, poetry and wonderful reminiscences.

Transition Year night was held in May when TY students celebrated the richly varied activities of their year. Ms Ryan, the TY Co-ordinator, spoke about the value of the programme and reported on positive contributions of all involved, the evidence of which was on view in impressively completed Portfolios. Among other presentations by students, the evening featured dancers Kate Sampson, Cara Lamb and Emma Bateman. The real winners on the night, however, were Kelly Ahemfula and Emily Hutton as they shared the prize for the TY Pupil of the Year.

Fiona Corcoran, founder of The Greater Chernobyl Cause, supported by Elena Chistol from Muldovia, spoke recently to Transition Years about the important work she and her organisation of volunteers do to transform the desperate lives of abandoned children. The focus of their work is to ease the suffering of the old and infirm in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia. Part of the Community Action Program at Ashton involves our students who volunteer with The Greater Chernobyl Cause. We learned that such is the lasting impact of this TY volunteering experience that Annie Walshe who has since left Ashton (Class of 2107) will travel to Kazakhstan later this autumn to continue here voluntary work with the organisation. She has maintained her interest and commitment in addition to her Third Level studies. One can only admire and applaud the integrity and dedication of those involved with The Greater Chernobyl Cause.

After the summer break the Senior and Junior Girls and Boys teams have resumed Hockey under the expert guidance of Mr Hobbs, Mr Scanlan, Mr Simon Wolfe, Ms Sarah Falvey Ms Siobhan Dennehy and Ms Lorna McCutcheon while Mr Tim Mulcahy will run the senior hockey fitness programme. Soccer training with Mr Kevin Carey and Mr Patrick Curran has also started. News from the field of play: Senior Boys drew in an away match against Villiers. The Minor Boys won well. We look forward to reporting all the sporting exploits of these all-weather players and dedicated coaches.