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Ashton School News April 2022

Ashton School.

As a school community, we are looking forward to Easter, the high point of the Christian liturgical year, yet doing so simultaneously with heavy hearts when we consider the plight of those living in Ukraine and other war-torn regions of the world. We extend our thoughts and prayers to all who suffer in any way in these conflicts.

Transition Year students are really ‘hitting the fast lane’ in relation to experiential learning, and amazing opportunities to ‘try out‘ and acquire new skills, under the expert guidance of TY Co-Ordinator Ms. Power. Students had the experience of attending a workshop with R.C.S.I. which focused on careers in medicine, pharmacy and other areas. The French class along with their teacher Ms. Farrell went to the Jewish Quarter, including Shalom Park, where they expanded their learning about the social, cultural, and economic contributions of the Jewish people to Cork.

Other TY students attended the ‘Mini-Med online medical’ course, at which they learned much about varying aspects of work in the world of medicine and its various facets, in terms of career choices.

The Barista Workshop was a ‘HUGE HIT’ with students (and staff!), where students learned some of the real ‘secrets’ behind that Latte, Mocha, Espresso, Cappuccino and much more!! We are now experts at ‘feathering’, and themed designs of all kinds. This was done by Richard and Jonathon of Dublin Barista School, 19A South Anne St., Dublin 2, who also provide 1 day, 4 day, and online courses which equip people for working in food related business. A fun ‘vibe’ was created with music, laughter, and each student actually learning about, and creating their own special coffees. A pure pleasure!

Transition Year students have not had their beloved ‘musical’ experience over the last 2 years, but, when Mr. Ruttle announced that ‘Matilda’ would be performed from May 10th to 12th, this year, you could hear the rafters lifting!! Lots to look forward to for everyone! We wish them well with it all.

Ms. Una Montague, daughter of famed literary Irish poet John Montague, recently visited Ashton school to present the school with a portrait of the Poet Laureate John Montague, on a temporary basis. It was indeed an honour and privilege to meet her, and for the school to be the recipients of such unique and rich artistic heritage, commissioned by former President of UCC, Professor Gerry Wrixon.

John Montague lectured in English Poetry through the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s in the Department of English in UCC. Many of the teaching staff of Ashton over the years, would have been inspired by his teaching and his deep insights and keen interest in the work of Samuel Beckett. John Montague’s lectures were always a pleasure to attend, delivered in a convivial, relaxed fashion, imbuing his students with a love of the written word in it’s various forms, focusing specifically on Poetry. His prolific poetry writing was of the stature, that it is consistently on the English Leaving Certificate Curriculum, and is keenly appreciated by students, for its striking imagery, and aesthetic language. While the literary world, especially that in Cork, is much diminished for his departure from this world to his eternal resting place, his influence on the Arts, in particularly Poetry, still lives on in his memory, and those of us lucky enough to have encountered him. His family connection to Ashton is also thankfully maintained through the presence of his Grand-daughter, who is a student in 3rd Year.

1st year Girls Hockey have started the 11-a-side league, and have had numerous wins. The Minor Girls Hockey teams are in the Cup Semi-Final against Villiers. We wish them lots of luck in all they are doing. Senior Boys qualified for the Irish Schools competition, but unfortunately were beaten by King’s Hospital Dublin, despite their best efforts, and all the hard work. There’s always next year!.

In Soccer news, U17’s are in the Final of the Munster Junior Cup, a huge achievement for the team who are now looking forward the Final with great determination and skill. Well done.

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