By Ashton School on Mar 13, 2019.   No Comments

Climate Change Rallies and Protests

Dear Parents and Students,

Several rallies and protests in relation to climate change are scheduled to take place on Friday, 15th March.

I wish to advise that Ashton School has not planned any school representation of students at a rally or protest. Friday, 15th March, will, therefore, be a normal school day for students and normal school rules and procedures will apply.

Ashton School understands that some students may wish to attend the protests with their parents’ permission. 

Students who plan to leave school early on Friday must have their parents’ permission and are required to submit a note signed by a parent to their year head by Thursday.  Students are also required to sign out at the school office when they leave the school in accordance with normal procedure.

Students who are absent for the whole day on Friday must supply a note signed by a parent explaining their absence in the normal way when they return to school.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Landen