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Reunion of Class of 1989

Afternoon all,

As you’ll be aware this 30th anniversary for the class of ’89. We have a reunion scheduled for Cork on Friday 05 July at 8:30PM.

The venue has been moved to The Silly Goose Bar which is on Washington Street. Rumours that the original venue moved us due to reports about our behaviour from the mid-80’s are strictly unfounded! I’m sure we’re all as well behaved now as we were then!

We had 147 people through the years; with people joining; leaving; staying back a year; skipping transition year etc, so there’s a lot of individuals who 

had some link to the school in those years and we’d love to see as many as possible on Friday 05 July.

So come on, check your contacts and get them to come along; from your Achesons and Armitages to your Wilsons; Whitakers and Wynns. Not forgetting your Beamish; Bradish; Buckley; Cham; Chase; Damery; Davis; Ellis; Elliffe; Fitzgerald; Foott; Gardener; Gash; Hanna; Heaslip; Hosford; Jackson; Kenny; Kitteringham; Landen; Levis; Lentzy; McCoy; McGrath; Messer; Nichol; O’Connell; Olden; O’Sullivan; Packham; Pillay; Policky; Rolf; Rolsten; Rosenstock; Shaw-Hamilton; Smith; Stephens; Tarbett; Thompson; Tyrrell; Walsh and Waters.

Plus all those others too numerous to mention. And the teachers- if anyone is in touch with them, please spread the word.

We all know some of these names; reach out to them; get them along and let’s have a great night on 05/07/19. — celebrating friendship.

Nick Storey
19th June 2019