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Sports Person of the month November 2017 Christina Dring

Interview with Christina Dring conducted by Transition Year Sports Captains: Cara Lamb, Rory Lee and Jack O Meara.


Christina Dring – Sports person – November 2017.


  1. Who do you look up to in sport?

A. Katie Taylor. I met her in Transition Year at a STEM day and she did a Q&A. She really inspired me because she’s really hard working and had to put in a lot of work to get to where she is now and it’s paid off because she’s been to the Olympics.

Q. When did you begin playing your various sports?

  1. I started playing soccer when I was about 6 or 7. I went to the academy in Carrigaline and played with all the boys’ teams, with just me and one other girl. I started playing hockey in primary school when I was in 3rd class through the school, but it wasn’t very serious. Until first year when I joined Garryduff and it became more important to me. Before that soccer was always the priority but then hockey kind of took over.

Q. Which is your favourite out of all the sports you play?

A. I honestly don’t think I could pick between hockey and soccer. It used to be hockey but then after playing with Cork City this year, soccer’s just become on par, so I honestly couldn’t choose.

Q. How did you get selected for the Cork City team?


A. Well I was playing with the Cork school girls under 18s team this past year and we got to the national final match. I happened to score a hat trick at that game and got player of the match, so I got recognised from that and I was scouted by the team. They brought me in for training after that for a few weeks and then decided they wanted to sign me.


Q. What do you plan to do when you leave school and does sport feature in you plans for you future?

A. I hope to do engineering in UCC or CIT. I don’t think I’ll be doing sport in college as a course or anything but I’ll continue playing. I just prefer playing sport than having a career in it.

Q. Do you have to follow a diet or food plan?


A. No, not really. I try to eat healthy, my parents would always cook pretty healthily anyway so I’d have that but other than that I’d try to be healthy but every so often you can’t help it.

Q. Where does your motivation come from?

A. I think it’s a mix of from myself, my coaches and parents. I’m quite hard working and don’t like to give up. I like to try and be better all the time to improve. But my parents keep me going and my coaches as well are very important to keep me on track and keep me motivated.

Q. Do you coach in any of your sports or would you be interested in coaching others in the future?


A. I did some hockey coaching in TY, I coached the first years which was interesting. But I don’t have time at the moment with everything going on, but maybe in college I might think about it.


Q. How do you balance playing all you sports at such a high level, while still being in sixth year and studying for your leaving cert?

A. Well this year thankfully my sports don’t overlap, the soccer’s finished now for the season so I just have hockey training 4 times a week, which is still a lot but more manageable than has been my experience so far.


Q. Do you have goals for the next few months or the rest of the year?

A. Well winning the FAI national senior cup final was a big one for the soccer. With the hockey I suppose getting to the final. If we come top 3 in our league in club hockey we’ll qualify for the qualifiers for the Irish league. And then school hockey, I think we’re going to have a really good year this year, we’ve only had one game so far but it’s been good. We’ve a match tomorrow so hopefully we’ll push on and have a good season.