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The significance of the Tree of Life for Confirmation students in the Diocese.

The significance of The Tree of Life in preparation for Confirmation and the strong creative connection with Ashton School.

As Confirmation time approaches each year, Bishop Paul Colton hosts a morning of activities and fun for Confirmation candidates from all parishes across the dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. This year it was held in Douglas on Sat. April 21st.

The morning is organised into various activities which encourage engagement and interaction about Confirmation, supported by Rev. Hazel Minnion, former Chaplain in Ashton, Mr. Peter Stobart Director of the Diocesan Music Programme, Rev. Elaine Murray and many others. Activites on the day  included candidates thinking about what Confirmation means to them,  learning a hymn to sing at Confirmation.  Bishop Colton gave each candidate a set of the Beads of Christ, also known as the Pearls of Life, and explained to them that each bead and each colour had a special significance.

L-R: Ven. Adrian Wilkinson with Kevin Carey Woodwork teacher at Ashton School with the completed ‘Tree of Life’.

The fourth activity this year was inspired by a visit to the Church of Finland led by the Bishop, where, in some churches, Baptism trees were spotted.

The idea was brought home, and Kevin Carey , Woodwork Teacher at Ashton School, made a tree for use in the Diocese. Mr. Carey was assisted by  Ms. Jane O Shea, Art Teacher at Ashton and her 1st year students who  helped sketch out the tree, and despite the snow and miserable conditions in March, they sanded  and finished  the ‘project’ with great care and diligence.

Jacqui Wilkinson and Adrian Wilkinson spoke about different trees in the Bible, actual and figurative, as well as our connections with each other in the Church. Young people added their own leaf to the tree to recall their baptism, and also put their individual fingerprint on a tree as a sign of their belonging.

At the conclusion of the morning, a photo was taken of the group of those young students who were to be confirmed with their ‘Baptism Tree’. Well done Mr. Carey, Ms. O’Shea  on your combined artistic and creative genius.

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