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Transition Year Awards Night


L-R: Acting T.Y. Co-Ordinator Ms. Emer Burke, Transition Year Award 2017 winner Martin Ho, Ms. Mags Ryan T.Y. Co-Ordinator.



Transition Year students at Ashton School, Blackrock Road, Cork keenly look forward to this particular awards night, at the end of a very busy year.  Parents come to view and appreciate the work students have completed with great detail, and imagination.

Ms. Ryan Year Head, welcomed everyone on the night, and Ms. Burke thanked everyone for their support and helpfulness during what was a very busy year, supported by Ms. Hewison Deputy Principal.

Students participate in a myriad of activities and events, with the ultimate aim in all cases of  encouraging and generating a holistic approach to their education.

The presentation format was student-led with the skill of professionals, clear delivery done with confidence.  One student stated it was the ‘Best and most beneficial year’ of his academic life so far.

Students went on to outline the varying modules and programmes they participated, leaving the audience most impressed, and for many of us, wishing we had experienced the opportunities these students have had.  Amazing breadth and depth.

From participating in a ‘getting-to-know-each other better’ trip to Connemara, with all its challenges, to work experience, or community action, Gaisce Awards, Home Economics, film-production, simulated driving, learning the Chinese language, and a trip to China with the Confuscius Institute at U.C.C.,  the list is endless.

Other modules included Active Sports Week participation, Intel Ambassador programme, fundraising for HOPE and travelling to Kolkatta.  Others took up the Lord Mayor’s challenge of debating, and won themselves a trip to Brussels with their English teacher Ms. Burke.  Students attended Career information days at CIT, and other third level institutions.   They participated in the STEM programme in UCC which encourages young women into Engineering and related areas.  Students completed Core Work, Field Trips, learned music, participated in the much enjoyed musical ‘ELF’ with Mr. Ruttle, Media studies, Legal studies, and the list goes on and on.  This was in addition to the regular curricular subjects which are mandatory.

The common response from students is they thoroughly enjoy it. Students benefit personally, socially and academically from exposure to their participation in this exceptionally busy year.

Having been presented with their certificates of completion, Ms. Ryan announced the Transition Year Student of the Year was Martin Ho, a most worthy winner. His citation stated that he sought challenges, overcame difficulties with a positive attitude, and was polite and courteous at all times, and in every situation. This was greeted with tumultuous applause from the assembled audience.